Monday, 28 July 2014

My Foundation Wish List

Based on the fact that I am super super pale, my entire foundation wish list is based on the actual colour of the foundation. I don't feel I have the luxury of choosing foundations with different finishes,  and I pretty much just take anything that is the same colour as my skin tone. So far, in my entire life I have found a grand total of (hang on a sec until I count them.........) ONE foundation that is the same colour as my skin. HOW is that even possible. Granted I'm very very pale, but it's not like people with my skin tone don't exist? Or maybe we don't to cosmetic companies. Either way, the only one I've found is Illamasqua Skinbase in 02.

I happen to follow blogs of a good few pale folks, my favourite of which is Leanne Woodfull from Thunder and Threads. I love her blog! Like, I'd say she's probably my favourite blogger. Her style and attitude and everything is just amazing. I also follow My Pale Skin, simply to get product recommendations, not really any other reason. I've been collecting a list of pale skin foundations from these blogs so here's what I have so far:

Although it looks a little bit too dark on the website, Leanne Woodfull swears it was the right shade for her. I'll swatch it when I'm in a Debenhams and see how it is. It's said to be a kind of BB cream which I have never tried before and it retails for £27.50.

I've never even owned a MAC foundation before so this will be a first. I'm sure that they have other foundations in the same shade so I'll be sure to check them out too. This one retails for £21.50.

Never tried anything from YSL but have heard amazing things about them and about this foundation. Hopefully the finish is to my liking. Retails for £30.50.

Again I'm gonna reference Leanne Woodfull who said that this foundation was a little to dark for her but actually looks fine blended in so I hope I find the same. The description of the finish and coverage also sounds completely up my street! I really wanna try this one! The price is a bit steep as it retails for €40.50 from the Irish website.

To be honest, I never actually thought that Nars would do a foundation so light, but the swatches online look pretty promising. I may not be a fan of the finish though. This retails for £31.00.

6. Dainty Doll Liquid Foundation in 001 Very Light 
7. Dainty Doll Loose Mineral Powder Foundation in 001 Very Light 

I'm pretty sure this company has stopped producing anything but it was originally made my Nicola Roberts for fair skinned peeps. You can still get them on Ebay I believe so hopefully I'll track them down. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me of any other foundations I should add to the list.


  1. I love the mac studio fix <3 its amazing! I really want to try makeup forever hd and the nars sheer glow!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. Good to know, I always like to hear that people are actually liking the things I want to buy. :P

  2. I really want to try the nars foundation but they is so many brands to choose from its not an easy choice to make :)
    Melissa x

    1. I find it really hard to find foundation so when it matched my skin tone I know I have to try it!

  3. I recommend the Nars foundation, one of the best Ive ever used! :) - Beauty, Lifestyle & Fashion Blog!

  4. I'd love to try the benefit bb cream too. I hVe friends who absolutely rave about it


    1. I'm usually a fan of higher coverage foundations, but I'm still interested to give it a go. :3