Monday, 17 February 2014

Black Widow Valentine

It's no secret that not everyone is a fan of Valentines day, but for those who are I've put together an outfit that is much more my speed. And I know I know, Valentines day is over buuuuut… A lot of people have to rearrange their plans, so I figured some people may still be looking for something to wear. And this outfit is obviously not exclusive to Valentines day or to even having a Valentine! Just something I decided to put together.

To put this together I used a site called Grabble which I recently signed up to. It is basically somewhere that you can build collections of clothes and accessories. When you sign up, you just add the GRAB button to your bookmark bar and click it when you see something you like. But the thing that drew me to it is that once you have added something to a collection, Grabble will inform you when it goes on sale. Nailed it!

I'm a sucker for sales! =P Plus you get a £10 voucher just for signing up!

All items shown are from Asos, and you can go to my Grabble by clicking the picture above!

Let me know if you use Grabble or something similar! :3