Saturday, 15 February 2014

BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palettes Review

This post is gonna be a review on the palettes I mentioned in this post.

Since I bought 4 of the BH Cosmetics palettes I had lots of variety to chose from. They aren't the best quality eyeshadows ever but for the price they are super worth it. The shimmer shadows were quite pigmented and something to note is that even if you buy one of the 'matte' palettes, you will still get quite a bit of shimmery shadows including, which is kind of weird.

As I said, the shimmer shadows were pretty pigmented, blendable and easy to apply with not a lot of fallout. The matte shadows were slightly harder to work with and you didn't get nearly the amount of colour payoff, but for the amount of shadows you get this isn't really the biggest problem in the world.

I found that with a primer like the Urban Decay Primer Potion, the shadows stayed put for a lot of the day and weren't too prone to creasing. Ultimately I think that for the price and the amount of shadows you get, you can't really go wrong with buying these palettes or similar ones on the market.

If you have these palettes or anything similar, let me know what you thought about them. :)


  1. jeez that's a lot of eyeshadow! i've never even heard of the company before but i'm all for super cheap makeup so i'm going to take a look now :D x

    1. Yeah I know it is.. But I will never have enough. =P Still missing lots of colours.
      Hope you find something you like! :3

  2. You have so many eyeshadows and so many pretty colours! Those palettes look so good and such good value for money!!
    Em x

    1. They really are. :3 I would recommend them. <3