Thursday, 30 January 2014

January Favourites

My first favourites post ever. This month I've been liking lots of new things, mainly the things I got for Christmas really.

The first part of this will be beauty and fashion and the second part will be my random favourites. Hope you enjoy!

Beauty and Fashion

Topshop 'Cloak and Dagger' Nail Polish
Illamasqua Skinbase in 02
Black Boots- Primark
Hedgehog Slippers
Checked Backpack- Primark

Daisy- I've been wearing this scent since I got it in around October and I LOVE it. I literally wanted it for about 3 years before I got it. I need to slow down in my usage of it though, I never want to run out!

Nail Polish- I've been wearing different variations of these two nail polishes for about 2 months now. I love them both so much! (I wearing them both as I type this.)

Sleek Contour Kit- I got this as a Christmas present (check out my post here) and I use both the contour and highlighter every day. I'm surprised I didn't buy it before now. 

Collection Lipstick- Probably my biggest favourite of the month has been this! I've worn it almost every day. =P I want the other two 'Gothic Glam' lipsticks now too. But this one will be hard to beat.

Illamasqua Skinbase- You must know by now how much I love this. (My review is here.)

Boots- You can probably see from the dirt on these that I have worn them a LOT! I have worn them every single day since I got them apart from maybe two days.

Slippers- Adorable and practical, for the days I don't feel like wearing shoes around the house.

Bag- My new bag for uni, it fits everything I need and it's cute. :3


Laptop Case

Pilates- I've been doing pilates nearly every day with Blogitlates. It's great!

Laptop Case- Before I got this for Christmas I used an old, broken thin case to carry my laptop in my bag… Not good. I love this case! It's really sturdy and practical, plus it looks lovely and is purple on the inside.

TV Show

Game of Thrones- I managed to watch all 3 seasons of Game of Thrones with my housemate. I may not know everyones names but I do like it. =P


My Ticket Home: Hot Soap- I've been listening to this song so much this month. I haven't even really listened to anything else by My Ticket Home because I've been listening to this so much.

So that's my favourites this month.. This post turned out to be way longer than I thought it would be. But oh well! I hope you enjoyed and let me know any of your favourites in the comments. :)


  1. I love that laptop case!
    And GoT surprisingly stays pretty true to the books. I know it's a LOT of reading, but I highly recommend the books. You do have to sort of do a bit of memorizing with the names, and there are a loooot more characters that pop up in the books, but I think you really do have to read them to still grasp some of the concepts of the show, no matter how good of a job HBO is doing.

    1. It's gorgeous! Much needed as well. :3
      I may read them in the future, but to be honest I find it really hard to get into books of that nature. I loved LOTR but when I tried to get through the books I just couldn't.

  2. I love those boots!I'm glad I'm not the only one with muddy boots. :3

    1. In this weather it's hard not to have muddy boots! =P

  3. Beautiful!
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