Monday, 1 December 2014

Sunday Summary #17

1.// Started watching Love/Hate this week. Robert Sheehan and Killian Scott are amazing!

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(Again, a very dull Instagram week. I need to get back on my game.)

♥ This week is absolutely mental, I have so much going on and it's all very very boring, besides getting my room painted which will be good. But of course that does mean that I have to clean out my entire room.

♥ Last week was very lack luster and was mostly spent watching Love/Hate, working and thinking about places I want to travel to (note my Wanderlust post from earlier in the week.) Which doesn't explain why this post is a day late?! I think I am planning a pretty substantial trip for 2015 though!

♥ I am debating doing Blogmas, which is blogging every day for the month of December. I think I'll attempt it and if I don't complete it or miss days, it's no big deal. See you tomorrow. ;)

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


I mentioned the topic of wanderlust very briefly in my latest 'Sunday Summary', and since then I have already booked a flight to Scotland, and debating booking one to Brighton. It has begun.

In June of this year I moved back home to Ireland after living in Brighton  for about 9 months. I was there for Uni but would had gladly stayed there forever. Brighton is one of those places (and I don't know many of them) were everyone who lives there completely belongs and no one is out of place. I would recommend for any person, of any age, gender, race, musical persuasion, history, and questionable pastime to live in Brighton for a time. Like any place, it has discrimination but it is severely diluted in comparison to any where I've been before. I find that people who have never lived there before just don't really 'get' it when you speak about it.

Since living there and moving back home, I find as the days tick by I get more and more restless and I'm beginning to feel trapped in my own home. Don't get me wrong, I am very much a fan of my own company and can easily whittle away days (even weeks) at a time with nothing to pass the time but my laptop. This isn't so much about spending time alone as it is spending time in the same place alone. I've lived in the same house (excluding my time in Brighton) for my 20 years of life and haven't explored as much of the world as I would have hoped.

According to the travel app 'Been' I have seen about 8% of Europe and 2% of the world. However, it's not very accurate considering in most countries I've been to I have only visited one city or region. According to TripAdvisor I have travelled 3% of the world. Regardless, both percentages are much lower than I would like.

As a child my parents took myself and my siblings on trips around Ireland, not that I remember much of them now. When I was around 14/15 they took us on our first holiday abroad, to Salou in Spain. Since then I haven't done much travelling by myself, besides going to Italy on a skiing trip with my school and travelling over to England a handful of times. Most of this has been due to a lack of funds, but also due to a lack of companions. Considering most of my friends are still in education and broke,   it does make things a bit difficult. The friends who aren't still in education either have no interest in travelling, very dissimilar travel interests from myself or simply a lack of cash, there seems to always be something in the way.

I'm determined to change all this and top of my 'realistic' travel destinations at the moment are Amsterdam and Paris. Both of which I hope to visit next year. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to my trip to Glasgow, Scotland and to visiting Brighton again in the new year.

What are your top realistic and unrealistic travel destinations?
What are you top things to see or do in Glasgow?

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday Summary #16

1.// Some pieces from the lovely Black Tied arrived! I wrote a full post on them which you can read here.
2.// Apparently they have caramel Chupa Chups? How long have these been a thing and why wasn't I aware? D:
3.// Standard B/W selfie.

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♥ Really thought that I had taken more photos this week and posted them on Instagram? Strange.

♥ A big thing that happened this week is that I finally got my blog redesigned thanks to the lovely Sarah. (Check her out here!) I had really just gotten sick of my old design and honestly didn't really want to post anything because it looked horrendous. I'm very happy with my new design at the minute, although it will ultimately change again over time. My main inpos for this design was monochrome (obviously), and the clean linear patterns of Chanel. This ultimate inspiration really. I hope you guys like it! Tell me what you think in the comments. :)

♥ Alongside my blog design I now also have a blog button, feel free to grab it and stick it on your own blog. It's located just over here >> in the sidebar.

♥ Update on my room! Turns out it's not going to be painted until December 3rd. *sigh* I can't wait to done though.

♥ I also have my driver theory test on December 4th. I think I booked it last week but forgot to mention it on here. Hopefully I'll pass cause I really do not wanna do it again.

♥ TV- I've finished Dexter this week. I really loved that show! To be honest I was a bit disappointed with the ending but I would still recommend it to anyone! I'm slowly but surely catching up on my shows.

♥ Wanderlust has struck me again big time this week. After moving back home in June I haven't really been anywhere (even though the list of places I want to go is ever-growing). Considering my friends are all either in college or for one reason or another, not living at home, it has just made me want to leave/travel even more. Top of the *realistic* list at the minute are Amsterdam and Paris.

Let me know what you think of my new blog design in the comments!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Black Tied Jewellery

Just today I received these two lovely pieces from a small jewellery company called Black Tied. This company is an Irish company (yay!) and the founder of the company and myself have been in talks for awhile about the possibility of me trying out some of their stuff. They were kind enough to provide me with a 20% discount so that I could get a few items off the site. I chose these midi rings and this gorgeous cuff!

I was a bit worried that neither of these items would fit as I have very slender fingers and wrists but the midi rings fit like a dream! The cuff was a little big to begin with but I simply pressed the two sides together and it fits perfectly. I hope that this won't ultimately affect the life of the jewellery.

You will most likely be seeing these items in some upcoming posts, so keep an eye out! So far I love the items I chose and I hope that they last for much longer than jewellery from say, Primark or H&M (and I hope they won't turn my fingers green either!)

This was also my first post using photoshop to edit my photos! What do you think? Obviously they aren't perfect but I've never used the program before now!

Have you tried anything from Black Tied before? What would you have chosen from the site?

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday Summary #15

1. // Henry St. Dublin at sunset. 
2. // Mr. Johnny Depp! *heart eyes emoji*
3. // Nothing makes me happier than a good pun!

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♥ This week has been a bit slow life-wise, I feel like I haven't gotten anything done.

♥ I have a blog post written and ready to go up but I have been trying to take photos for it for about 4 days now. They just are not turning out how I want them to and I have been watching endless photography tutorials. It's possible I am just going to have to take sub-par pictures for now so that I can just get the post up.

♥ Recently I have been craving a new tv show and as I'm the only Irish person that hasn't seen Love/Hate, I really want to start that! At the same time though, I have a lot of tv shows that I am no where near up to date with so I have been putting it off.

♥ I'm getting my room painted this week! I may do another one of my "Room Re-vamp" posts, because that series certainly went down the drainpipe.

♥ Watching - Adam Elmakias, Anyone Can Be A Photographer, Modern Family. 

♥ Listening to - Skrillex, Paolo Nutini, The 1975, Sylar. (A mixed bag, I know.)

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Sunday Summary #10-14

1. // Hair cut time!
2. // I think I ate this cake/loaf in under 24 hours. It's just so Autumnal. :'(
3. // On the way to Dublin! (I swear that recently I spend so much time there. Love my hair here btw.)
4. // Airport chilling on the way to Brighton for my graduation.
5. // More airport chilling.
6. // Gorgeous view of Dublin from the plane.
7. // Got my fireplace all decked out, halloween style!
8. // Was my first year at Web Summit this year!
9. // Here's a snap of Bono speaking on stage on the last day.

Instagram: letitiaharriet

♥ I've literally been gone for about a month. How did that happen?

♥ This month has been full of ups and downs and the longer I didn't write this blog post, the more I didn't want to. The worst thing about this, is that October is my absolute favourite month of the year and I was planning on doing so many cool things for it. *sad face* But as we know, life gets in the way. 

♥ I don't think I will every have a posting schedule on this blog because I feel it puts too much pressure on me to deliver, and I'm really just doing this cause I like to have a place to post cool things and somewhere to write down whatever I'm thinking or feeling at that time.

♥ Halloween has been and gone! What did everyone dress up as and do for it? I was working unfortunately.

♥ I graduated! At the beginning of the October you might remember I was heading off to my graduation. I actually had a really good time, but I just got the photos back from it and it's not good. *face palm*

♥ I spent some of the past month in Dublin so that also ate into my posting time. I'm looking forward to posting more stuff in the near future though. Hope you guys understand. :3

I'm hosting my first twitter chat tonight at 7pm with #lbloggers! Come join me!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

What I Love About Autumn/Fall

Hey everyone! So with the 22nd of September officially marking the beginning of Autumn and today marking the start of October, I thought I'd compile a list of the reasons why this, above all, is my favourite season.

♥ I love everything about A/W fashion. Layering up in cozy knitwear, leather jackets, dark colours and of course boots, I am completely in my element. It becomes totally socially acceptable to be dressed head to toe in black, not that I ever let the seasons let me dictate what to wear. But let's get real, I fundamentally dress entirely in black all the time any way.

♥ Steaming hot drinks. At this time of year it becomes the norm to purchase a hot chocolate or a pumpkin spice latte virtually every time you step outdoors.

♥ The leaves changing from green to gorgeous hues of red, yellow, gold and orange. Even if you hate this season, you can't argue that it is undoubtedly the prettiest.

♥ The first satisfying crunch of your foot connecting with a fallen, crisp leaf. 

♥ Comfort food is at it's height, with stews, soups, and generally stodgy foods becoming a welcome change from the lighter meals of the summer months. And the apple crumble does not even need a justification.

♥ Wrapping yourself up in a duvet and binging on all the new episodes of your favourite TV shows which have returned from their summer break. An added bonus is that you don't even have to feel bad about it because it's too cold and dark to go outside anyway.

♥ Having an open fire to cosy up to and watch an unforgivable amount of movies.

♥ Candles. They automatically exude an romantic and cosy setting, and reinforce the fact that it is in fact Autumn by dispersing an scent similar to "Autumn Leaves" throughout your room/house. 

♥ The weather. That crispness in the air that makes you feel fresher with each breath. 

♥ Attempting to become somewhat artistic and carve something decent into that perfect pumpkin you bought. It never turns out the way you want though does it.

♥ With school-goers returning, it always seems like a time of new beginnings and productivity. Or maybe that's just me.

♥ Halloween. Everything from trick-or-treating (toffee apples anyone?), the creepy home decor, the fact that bats are now a staple accessory, the movies, having the ability to transform into anyone or anything you want... Need I say more?!

What are your favourite activities to take part in at this time of year?