Sunday, 6 April 2014

Company Style Blogger Awards 2014

Hi guys! So the time of year has rolled around when Company are holding their blogger awards. As I've only been blogging for 4-5 months, I have the opportunity to be nominated in some of the newcomer categories! :)

I'm so pleased that over 100 of you have decided to follow my blog and I love reading and replying to all your comments! I'm even starting to see familiar faces which is amazing! <3 What would be so amazing of you guys would be to head on over and nominate me in the Best International Blog- Newcomer category. All you have to do is enter my blog url and your email address and you're done!

If you would like, please please head on over and nominate my blog for the Best International Blog- Newcomer! Link is here:

If you do nominate me, please comment below or talk to me on twitter so I can personally thank you! <3 <3

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Are trends to be followed, or not?

Photo from here

You don't really have to be involved in the fashion world at all in order to be aware of trends. At any given point the high street stores will be riddled with something or other, whether it be pastel, denim, vests, mesh, tartan… The list it literally endless. Trends can be anything from a material to a certain cut, and covers all areas of the fashion (and indeed the makeup) world.

What this post is focusing on is the need people feel to follow trends. If something comes into fashion or is 'on trend' and you love it, by all means shop to your hearts content. I know that when pleather and tartan came into fashion recently I was all over it! I didn't actually get much because I'm broke, but was still happy about it. (Well… To an extent, but I'll get into that later.) Even every Autumn when year after year, black, burgundy and layering comes back I'm all over it, because that's what I like. :) If you like pastels or jelly shoes or patent or faux fur, of course when the trend rears it's head you're gonna wanna buy some stuff.

But, if something like neons, or gold jewellery, or coloured jeans is 'on trend' and you hate it, why on earth would you buy anything?!

I find that these days people seem to get sucked into the trends and lose sense of their personality. People begin to forget what they actually like and don't like and just follow the trends like sheep. Sometimes I see things in shops and I'm like "Who in their right mind would wear this?! And it's £70? Yeah.. Cause people will buy THAT! *laughs*" Then I take a glance around to see 3 young girls wearing a variation of the same thing. If they like it, then that's perfectly fine. But more likely is that in a month when there's something new 'in', they'll throw it in the back of their wardrobe and fork out their wages (or their parents money) for the new chicken suit that's in style.

When things that I like are all over the shops, I'm of course very happy because it means I have a lot more selection of the things that I really dig. I have a lot more choice, things are easier to find, and they are a lot cheaper. Who wouldn't be happy, right?! One thing that does annoy me though, is that the hardcore trend followers or "sheep" will end up wearing the same things as me. Just last month they were staring at me on the street like I was a mutant, but now that it's on trend oh but of course they'll wear it. Everyone begins to become the trend and the people who just wore that style before get lost in the masses, and begin to look like trend followers themselves. This isn't always what people want to be seen as, so it can be frustrating. I know it is for me.

My problem with this is that people are starting to lose all originality. Say what you want but people do judge other people on what they wear and decide if they would want to strike up a conversation with them based on what they look like. A lot of the time people who like the same clothing styles will have lots more in common so it if a fair assumption. Trends make this a lot more difficult. If you see someone wearing a tshirt of a band that you like you would assume they are also a fan and might want to befriend them. But no. Thanks to the 'band tshirt' trend floating around, chances are they've never even heard of them.

My main point is: If you want to follow trends, do it. But don't sacrifice you're personality and personal style in the process.
And also, don't let trends dictate to you what YOU should wear. Be your own person and wear whatever the hell you like!

Leave any thoughts on this down below, I'd love to hear them.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I hate April Fools day

Wow… You're hilarious.

Thank GOD that April Fools day is an entire year away now. I literally think it may be my most hated day of the year.. I can't think of any other day I dislike more right now.

Many people love April Fools day and see it as a chance to scare/bully/entertain their friends. I don't see it as anything more as an excuse for people to be douchebags and be like "But you can't be mad it's April Fools day!" Virtually none of the jokes or pranks people play are funny and are just unnecessary, and just leave people like me second guessing everything I see or hear for an entire day. THERE IS NO POINT TO IT!

Basically what I'm saying is that if you're going to be an ass, just be one and stop waiting for a day when everything is fair game.. Cause it's not. If you're going for the element of surprise, pulling a prank on April Fools day is the most counterproductive thing I've ever seen. And if you ARE going to pull some sort of prank today, don't let it be "I'm pregnant!" or "I'm engaged!" It's boring and unimaginative.

I haven't even gone into the fact that people get seriously hurt on this day- physically, mentally and emotionally. It's not funny, don't be a dick.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Blog Sale (kinda)

Hey so I thought I might start selling some things on here if anyone is interested. I often sell things on ebay, so I'll link my account here. I'm putting some things up in the next 2 weeks so I'll update you then.

Today I'm only selling one thing, because I figured it would be what you guys are most interested in. It is a MAC Limited Edition lipstick in the colour "Gleam". It is a Glaze finish. I received it as a gift, but the shade is not my favourite. I've only ever used it to swatch, so it's never been worn. Considering it's Limited Edition I thought some of you might be interested. :)

Here are some photos of the product:

If you're interested in buying this you can leave an offers in the comments or contact me on twitter, instagram or email me! :) I'll also be accepting swap offers. If there is no interest this will also be going up on ebay.

Thanks guys!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hello Hello

A new video went up on my channel last night just introducing it. :3 Please let me know what you think and subscribe. Leave any videos suggestions in the comments so I have lots of ideas. <3

Thanks guys!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

YouTube Love #1

I thought I might start a new thing here every week (or every month? let me know) where I feature a really cool youtuber I've recently found and love, or that I just love in general.

This week is clothesencounters or Jenn. :3

Most of you probably know who she is already but after what seems like years of seeing her in Claire Marshall's vlogs I finally checked her out. :3 She is a youtuber who is mostly based around fashion and she gives the best advice, has killer style and she's so gorgeous. Her smile is ridicuous! :L I feel like I've watched nearly all her videos in the space of a week. I REGRET NOTHING! =P

Below is her most recent video.

I'm really quite excited about this series and you guys can see who I've been loving and get an insight into what kinda stuff I like. If you have any other youtube recommendations leave them below! I'm always open to suggestions. Also, if you have your own channel, link it below and I'll check it out.

Hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to more in the future.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Illamasqua Cream Foundation Review

Another Illamasqua post I know. =P I managed to pick this up in their sale for £5 *hyperventilates*. I know!

This is actually the first cream foundation I've ever bought (excluding the Urban Decay one, where the girl colour matched me to Nirvana which is about 5 shades to dark). I figured since I have combination skin it would be good, plus I like pretty full coverage. As per usual, it came beautifully packaged, as with all the Illamasqua products. Has to be my favourite packaging ever!

It actually kind of pains me to say this but… This is the first Illamasqua product I haven't fallen in love with. I actually dislike it! I don't have dry skin, I have normal to combination skin that dries out a bit in the winter. This foundation however, seemingly MADE my skin dry. Dry patches that weren't there before had suddenly formed and the fact that I had foundation on over the top made the dryness look worse. :( This remained the same no matter how heavy or lightly I applied it.

I tried it with different brushes and sponges but nothing worked well. I may be able to pull it off as a concealer for now, and try it again in the summer when my skin has changed a bit. 

The colour match as per usual watch perfect. Illamasqua have such a great range of colours and if you're really pale like me, definitely give their Skinbase Foundation a go! The foundation also smells fantastic, kinda like white chocolate. Just a pity about the application.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to use it or if you've had a similar or completely different experience with it, let me know. Again, I LOVE Illamasqua and everything else I've tried from them. But I wouldn't go out spending £23 on this any time soon.